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Mr. Citizen Partriot
aka, The Nuance Uncle SAm
America's #1 Civilian, Supa bad brutha

Owning My Country, the Union Republic of the United States of America
Built Upon The Backs of My British/US Chattel Enslaved Ancestors

Upon This Blackness, These Beautiful Colors Stand & Fly

"We have given you a republic, if you can keep it"
[US Founding Fathers]

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Coming Soon...
The "Promissory Note"
Expose' On and Celebration of...
The 1866 Civil Rights Act - 14th Amendment, Super Citizenship of US Black Citizens

Wednesday, February 26, 2010
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

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Bulletin Presentation:
Mr. Patriot Sings Star Spangled Banner
At National Cemetery, Los Angeles, California

We The People of the United States of America, Union Republic
This "one nation under GOD..." for "a new birth of freedom..."

America's Knight In Shining Red, White & Blue Armour

"I Want You To..."

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