Disclaimer NOTE: The character of Sir  Patriot - the nuance Uncle Sam is not politically aligned or affiliated with any political entity, organization, cause, or philosophical dogma, as it doesn’t deny, but rather transcends them as well race, ethnicity, religious persuasion, social-class status, etc.  Our joy in this land to practice justice! See more

We the People Want You To...

Stand              Pledge           Sing

We The People of the United States of America
This "one nation under GOD..." for "a new birth of freedom..."


The On Time, Wonderfully Ironic,  Socio-Civic, Super Citizen Hero

"Truth and Justice, the American Way"
"This Is Our Guy"

Sir Patriot
aka, The Nuance Uncle SAm
America's Knight In Shining Red, White & Blue Armour

Sir Patriot graphic

Sir Patriot Introduces Himself

*Special Welcome and Salute To Boys Scouts of America


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