Mr. Citezen "First Civilian" Patriot

Welcomes Willing Immigrants Into LEGAL US Citizenship


 As a descendant of America's Chattel Slaves (ADOCS), Upon Whose Backs, The Very Foundations of This Ignorantly Purported "immigrant nation" Is Built and By the US Constitional Authority, He Has Assumed His Rightful, Inherited Legacy To Bear the Mantel This Global Beloved Country, Thereby Being the Prophetic Embodiment of Its True Citizenship For the American Dream...

... Mr. Citizen "First Civilian" Patriot Congratulated and Thanked the Willing Immigrants From Many Nations For "doing it" LAWFULLY and MORALLY Right, In Accordance With Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, To Be USA  Citizens [ E Pluribu Unum - "Out of Many, One"

Saturday, February 19, 2019 Immigration Swearing Into US Citizenship Ceremony At the downtown, Los Angeles Civic Centers' South Hall