Kneeling Under GOD
"That to Me every knee will bow, every tongue will swear allegiance to ME"
[Isaiah 45:23]

Standing With The Flag

of the United States of America




“We have seen the white men betray the flag and fight to kill the Union;

but in all that long, dreary war we never saw a traitor in a black skin.” --

General James A. Garfield, Republican Presidential candidate; “Just and Equal” speech delivered to the "Boys In Blue" -

New York, August 6, 1880


Honor Duty Country


Shame Money Fame

Greetings Kapernick Followers,

Realistically, with all due respect for your athletic prowess, do you really think that "taking a knee", that is, not standing during the honoring ceremony of the National Anthem and salutations to what the American, US Flag itself stands for or means, resolves the so called racial matters in this country?


Ignorance to the ideals of our Union republic causes unintended consequences in society, such as confused animosity between white and black US citizens.


For the survival of this immigration nation built by immigrants upon the backs of chattel slaves, it is imperative that all concerned cease mere antagonistic, public postulations, and rather deploy our GOD-given freedoms and resources to heal the open race "wound" left to us by our fore parents and ancestors, and not agitate it.


In this new, unprecedented in world historical, aberration, "one nation under GOD", represented by its Stars & Stripes banner, all US citizens are granted the right to protest real or perceived, societal injustices, by both government and private sectors; and expected as well as required, by the Preamble order of the Constitution, to work in unification as We the People forming "a more perfect Union", that is...


"...establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


The notion of "taking a knee" during our nation's highest ceremony of loyal, patriotic as a sign of protest demonstrates hurtful ignorance.


Actually, generally, kneeling is an act of submission to someone or thing superior to ones self; and that it shows a sign of defeat and unquestionable surrender.


See all of the many iconic painting of what the father of our nation, the first POTUS did when as Commander in Chief, during the 1776 War of Independence from the British Empire at wintry Valley Forge. 

George Washington, et al,"taklng a knee", kneeled in submission to GOD, not England and the Union Jact flag he was protesting.

For those of us whom are so upset with "racism" in America, then instead of kneeling and doing nothing but postulating, we together ought STAND under and with the Flag working solutions to resolve it.

As long as there has been black NFL and other professional sports atheletes, with all their wealth and celebrity, why then the devastating state and looming fate of doom for the black US citizens, particularly that of homelessness and massive murder rate"

What have the celebrity athletes been doing all these wealthy years? Do they even know who they are and what the 14th Amendment, super citizenship role as black persons in the USA is? Apparently not!

Tell you what! Here is something that you can do with your new found fame as justice activists.

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, you are invited to come to Brentwood California to the Veteran's Outpost on Wilshire and San Vecente Blvds, between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to stand with Bob Rosebrock in defiance of the LA Veteran's Administration's attempt to gived the 1888, Congressionally Deeded Homeland For Homeless Veterans away to private-commercial interests.

After you and your guys have kneeled at the flag that will be present, and singing of the National Anthem with us, then rise and STAND with US Army, Vietnam War era Veteran, leader of the Old National Guard.

Come! Kneel, then Stand with me and take action according the Justiceville, New Frontier II: Operation Humanity National Plan to end chronic, hardcore, sidewalk, encampment homelessness beginning in Central City East District, dubbed "Skid Row", the "ground 0 - super massive black hole vortex" of downtown LA, the homelessness capital of the USA.

Taking a knee indicates surrender and resignation, whereas, STANDING, is a gesture of committed determination to rectify that which is noted as injustice.

Come to kneel, then STAND with me under GOD and the flag to rectify the ills our beloved country.

Thanks, blessings and Shalom!