The Credentials of Mister Patriot, con't...

According To The Civil Rights Act of 1866,
Progenitor & "Rosetta Stone" of the 14th Amendment

See Lincoln Factor and Identity & Role


The Documents of Credit and Authority

"Show me your papers"


Mister Patriot Under the Jurisdiction of Uncle Sam

The Declaration of Independence: Unlike citizens of willing-immigration heritage whom became naturalized into US citizenship, the people which Mister Patriot physically resembles, were brought against their will as slaves into this free land of immigrants, by immigrants, to serve immigrants.


Then on July 2-4,1776 via the Declaration of Independence and the succeeding victorious Revolution, like all other property of the 13 original colonies, were transferred from the jurisdiction of the British Empire, into that of the newly birthed United States.

With the transferrence of theird Jurisdiction from the English Crown, the chattel slave Americans became the living, human property of the U.S. - United States government...the "Uncle Sam."

The Emancipation Proclamation: During the middle of the Southern Confederate Rebellion against the Constitution and the Union, dubbed the Civil War, out of duty to GOD, the Central Figure in the Declaration of Independence (the nation’s official birth certificate as the First Law of the Land), that Mr. Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1,1865. 


NOTE: Thereby, it was/is this sacred Proclamation that turned the so called Civil War into * Lincoln’s Presidential War To End Chattel Slavery, thereby removing the hypocritical stain on the Declaration of Independence


* "Lincolns war" - was not declared by Congress as he by Executive Order went around it to wage the worst and yet most significant war in US history.


The 13th Amendment: Unlike immigrant “white citizens”, the chattel slave Americans had to first be freed from the inherited and peculiar British institution which occurred in April 11,1865, with the legal/official abolishlment of chattel slavery on December 18,1865.


The 14th Amendment: After President Lincoln’s War To End Chattel Slavery, thereby saving the Union, the Republican-led Congress legislated the 14th Amendment which guaranteed US citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” to the freed chattel slaves and Freemen.

  •  “white citizens” – Constitutional term according the 1866 Civil Rights Act, Section 1 See White Citizens

The 15th Amendment: Unlike the willing-immigrant heritage Americans, those of the 14th Amendment citizenship law, were granted the special right to vote in order to protect their citizenship status, thereby preventing themselves from drifting back into chattel slavery according the second portion of Section  1 of the 13th Amendment, which states, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


The 1866 Civil Rights Act: Being the Progenitor and “Rosetta Stone” of the 14th Amendment, it was codified by the same into the US Constitution


The Gettysburg Address: In the midst of his war to free the chattel slaves, Mr. Lincoln admonished the living “white citizens” of this new nation for generations to come, that if the United States is to remain a free, We the Peoples' Republic that “shall not perish from the earth”, they must “be dedicated to the unfinished work” and “the great task remaining before us”, even as stipulated in the 1866 Civil Act.


The MLK Factor

The Greatest Civilian Citizen In US History:  The slain, world renown, American, Civil Rights Activist, Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is the most revered of all US citizens.

  1. A National Holiday – No singular US President has such honor

     2.    A National Monument – A huge memorial situated on the DC National Mall between Presidents Jefferson
        and Lincoln Memorials

       NOTE: The Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther, King,Jr. is the only American, US civilian citizen to be so    

                         acknowledged and hnonored as to be memorialized on the DC Mall, which traditionally has been

                         the reserve just for memorializing Presidents, military personnel, wars and battles


These are some of the credentials that removes the “strangeness” from Mister Patriots appearance as a son of  the chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.


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